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Halal Indonesian Food Resturant in Sapporo- Sahat’s Kitchen

Hi all, I am trying to write in English. This is about Indonesian food restaurant in Sapporo Hokkaido Japan.

Its name is Sahat’s Kitchen which describes the name of the owner. He is Indonesian, comes from Medan and has been living in Sapporo for several years. The resto is located in Sapporo shi Kita-ku Kita 17 Nishi 4 1-11, Hokkaido, close to subway station Namboku line Kita Juhachijo (kita18) and Dinner bell supermarket. This is a Halal restaurant, so they do not provide alcohol or beer.

Here is the menu



I like soto Medan, that is the special soup from Medan, contained coconut milk, served with potato croquette (perkedel) and emping mlinjo crackers. Pecel ayam and the other menus are also delicious. They provide takeaway also.  I usually buy the fried chicken for taking away, because the taste is like KFC..hehe since we could not find halal KFC, so this is the best solution for us 🙂 Thanks Sahat’s Kitchen


Super delicious Soto Medan (credits to Isma Rosyida)


Pecel ayam with special sambal (credits to Isma Rosyida)


This is when we had a great time with our homestay-Papa and Mama. Thank you, Papa, Mama, Aiko chan (photo by Isma Rosyida)

Please come and enjoy Indonesian food in Sapporo 🙂







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